avec le soutien de / met de steun van het

avec le soutien de la Région de Bruxelles-Capitale — met de steun van het Brussels Hoofdstedelijk Gewest

My first integration in the entrepreneurship world

As an intern in the Erasmus Young Entrepreneur programme, I was proud to be presenting FitMyNest at two events, the 6th world Homesharing International Congress as well as Hack Belgium 2019.

I am happy to be successfully integrating the national and international entrepreneurship stage. These two events were only a kick-off in my hopefully awaiting business career.

Homesharing international Congress

It was an enriching experience to be present on the 20th anniversary of Homesharing International. This anniversary was celebrated in the presence of 200 delegates from 17 countries. I was one of the international delegates representing not only Belgium but also the Republic of North Macedonia, where I am from.

Networking time

What I have discovered is the high presence of international people being there to share the same positive experience from experiencing or working on cohousing. The event ended with the common agreement upon the conclusion: Together we are stronger!

I will keep my contact with the potential partners from research institutes here in Belgium and keep in mind the potential donors from France for the time when FitMyNest will go international.

Hack Belgium 2019

The full space attendance on Hack Belgium

Hack Belgium took place on March 28-30th in TOUR & TAXIS, Brussels.

I followed workshops on business planning, marketing and customer segment, but also practise the gained knowledge through team work.

Together with 5 other international students we worked on a business proposal for a platform improving the urban planning and maximizing the utility of public spaces using the data on traffic and citizens' movements.

Young motivated persons
me and my working team m2square

The event was a great place for networking and consultations with coaches with homesharing and urban planning expertise. I also met inspiring young persons who run their own businesses.

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