avec le soutien de / met de steun van het

avec le soutien de la Région de Bruxelles-Capitale — met de steun van het Brussels Hoofdstedelijk Gewest

The 6th Congress of homesharing international

The 1Toit2Ages hosted the homesharing Congress on March 21 & 22 at the BNP Paribas Fortis in Brussels.

It involved speakers from Korea, Japan, Austria, USA and the United Kingdom. The workshops included presentations from the homesharing benefits from Spain, Belgium, Japan, Korea, Austria, Germany and France.

Solidarity as a common goal

Although there were differences in the methods used, the benefits from the cohousing were shared: bringing diversity and more interactions in the society, meaningful (intergenerational) interactions and overcoming prejudices.

The main point discussed was ways to increase solidarity in offering support in the daily life of the community.

One of the speakers was the representative from the Université libre de Bruxelles who discussed the real benefits that the homesharing had for the international and national students. Some of the advantages he mentioned were getting faster mature, as well as saving money and finding a safe place to stay.

A very supportive audience

The success of the programme was shown not only from the great diversity of speakers, but also though the high interest of the Congress participants expressed by asking questions and the intense networking.

The networking events showed that there are many positive effects from the increased diversity in the society brought by shared housing. Mostly discussed were the following benefits the pensioners have received:

  • dealing with depression and loneliness,
  • feeling useful and getting a sense of security,
  • increased social relations,
  • getting support in daily life,
  • improvements in the mood.

Our presence on the Congress

FitMyNest was represented by Ivana Jankovska.  She received a first-hand information from WohnBuddy, Solidarios and ToitplusMoi experience. All of them were motivated to keep in touch with these organisations, but also with the rest of the Congress participants for possible future cooperation opportunities.

Wohnbuddy is a company in Austria working on matching students with retired persons based on their preferences using a functioning algorithm.

Residuos Solidarios is matching Erasmus exchange students in Spain and also Spanish students with elderly persons in Spain and does an analysis of their satisfaction. They have published multiple papers on their users' satisfaction with the cohabitation.

Toitplusmoi is a successful French organisation matching the ERASMUS exchange student in France with the elderly persons in France. They have multiple partners such as: cities, Erasmus student organisations, National Agency for Erasmus programme as well as the CNAV, the retirement insurance agency.

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