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Jours fous de l’Économie Sociale!

Le samedi 17 mars, FitMyNest participe aux Jours fous de l'Économie Sociale, co-organisés par ConcertES, Financité et la SAW-B avec le soutien des Régions Bruxelloise et Wallonne, et du (more…)
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B-Sprouts 2017 DEMO DAY

The 14th of December will be the grand celebration of all the startups incubated at B-Sprouts. One of which is FitMyNest. (more…)
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Pecha Kucha for PMP 2015

Plateforme Maison Passive organizes each year a big networking event amongst its members. During the event, a Pecha Kucha has been set up in order to dynamically present their projects or innovative experiences.  (more…)
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