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Why is FitMyNest a FairShares company?

“FairShares represents a unique way to do business, it advances the idea that success should be judged by the extent to which businesses satisfy human, social and environmental needs, and not by their annual profitability or contribution to GDP.”  European FairShares labs for social and blue innovation

FairShares Values and Principles

by Rory Ridley-Duff, 2018

  1. Wealth and power sharing amongst primary stakeholders

Structuring companies, co-operatives, associations and partnerships to advance equality and equity between members, stakeholder groups and trading partners. Wealth created is shared fairly amongst founders, producers, users and investors to promote mutuality and reciprocity.

  1. Specification of social purpose(s) and auditing of impact(s)

Empowering members through the constitution to establish and evaluate social value creation (such as specific improvements to their own, their community’s and the wider environment’s health and well-being).

  1. Ethical review of the choice of goods/services offered

Encouraging members to think carefully about the well-being that their joint enterprise creates (or could create) through designing and offering products and services.

  1. Ethical review of production and retailing processes

Developing products and services using production and retailing processes that positively affect members, society and the environment.

  1. Social democratic ownership, governance and management

Extending ownership amongst all primary stakeholders who are directly affected by operations so that they have a clear right to participate in decisions on how the (natural, human, social, intellectual, economic and financial) capital they contribute is managed.

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

The FairShares principles answer the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, which are:

  • Addressing Poverty and Inequality
  • Improving the Quality of Work and Life
  • Managing the Environment
  • Managing the Economy Sustainably

United Nations - Sustainable Development Goals

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