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FitMyNest facilitates the creation and sustainability of modular, intergenerational and socially mixed group housing.



Smartcity Chair VUB

After the participation of FitMyNest in an Industry 4.0 event early 2018, FitMyNest has been invited on March 7th as a discussant to the Smartcity Chair session on “Our future work and life in the smart cities”.


EU Industry Week: Industry 4.0, smart cities & co-housing

A nice and high-level skilled audience gathered for this first B-Sprouts event on Industry 4.0 and IoT. For unaware audience, IoT means Internet of Things. They are all those connected devices like smartphones, cameras, TVs, etc.


EU Industry Week on Industry 4.0 and Smartcities

For the EU Industry Week 2018, FitMyNest participates to B-Sprouts event: “Industry 4.0 & Smart cities: what is the role of IoT?”

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